SoftCause is a young IT company, which has been building up since February 2011 and specializes in executing innovative IT projects. In 2011 Renzo Slijp started as an independent entrepreneur and successfully completed new construction projects and provided consultancy on both hiring and project basis.
SoftCause is specialized in R&D based projects to create new solutions. In fixed priced projects SoftCause built software solutions for using images as QR codes in magazines(Djozz), read MRZ from passports(idPass), develop software and hardware for touch-based screen stamps(Kudoos).


He has a solid foundation in Java (17 years) and C # (13 years) and also knows other development languages such as TypeScript and JavaScript (also server-side based on nodeJS). Renzo is often the link between the project management and the development team because he has experience in both areas.

Renzo has been working as an engineer within agile teams for 17 years, the last 10 as lead engineer. Since On February 1, 2011, he decided to continue as an independent entrepreneur and founded SoftCause

What can he offer you

From this point of view, he therefore not only focuses on technology, but also ensures that communication with his working environment is optimal. Where necessary, he ensures that he delves further into the content and personal field.

Renzo is able to transfer his knowledge to his team members and thereby raise the quality of the software and the development team. He also gives guest lectures at the University of Nijmegen on Agile Software Development Methods (including SCRUM) and more technical areas such as “Code Refactoring”, “Design Patterns” and “TDD workshops”.